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Mobile Miami Coalition

May 2021 for Miami Riders Alliance

So let's talk a little bit about why I built this web app: The IssueThe scooter program in District 2 of the City of Miami lacked a streamlined means of communication between re

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Literally This Website

May 2021 for practice

I love Craft CMS and wanted to recreate my static site to use the platform for more dynamic content. I also wanted to learn a bit of JavaScript so used this as an opportunity to add a few easter eg

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MMC x Lyft Safety Signage

May 2021 for Freelance Content Creation

For the Miami Scooter Pilot Program, I worked with Lyft as a Graphic Design Consultant to create a slew of signs to use for their Scooter Safety Campaign. I worked closely with the Public Policy Di

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Preposito Mobile UI Design

Mar 2020 for practice

This project was an assignment at Miami Art Studio as a personal design piece for my magnet class. I chose to create a fictional app's User Interface design in a similar design to Instagram (but mo

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Tech Production Logo

Dec 2018 for practice

This project was a redesign of the logo for Miami Arts Studio's Technology Production Magnet. Modeled after Top Gun, the redesign would match the magnet's use of armed-forces-like patches to

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Mobile Miami Coalition Brand Guide

Feb 2021 for Miami Riders Alliance

A brand guide for the Mobile Miami Coalition to streamline use of assets between internal and external parties.

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Miami Metrorail Car Vectorization

Nov 2020 for Miami Riders Alliance

Because of a lack of vector images of transit vehicles, we at the Miami Riders Alliance launched a vectorization campaign of Miami-Dade Transit's fleet, starting off with the new Hitachi Metrorail

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